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LOUKRUDT puslesæt / changing set

En meget fin simpel praktisk opbevarings måde til at kunne skjule diverse ting man skal bruge når den lille baby skal skiftes, såsom bleer, vådservietter, cremer osv.

Man kan enten designe sit eget puslesæt og ellers har Loukrudt fine eksempler på pige / drenge og neutralt.

Puslesættene er hjemmelavet og produktionstiden er på omkring 14 dage, hvis ikke de er på lager. Det er helt klart ventetiden værd, fordi de er så fine og i en virkelig god kvalitet!

Man kan bestille puslesættet på Loukrudts hjemmeside:
https://loukrudt.dk/   – Direkte link: https://loukrudt.dk/puslesaet/


A very nice simple practical storage way to conceal various things to use when changing your baby, such as diapers, wet tissues, creams, etc.

You can either design your own set of changing sets and otherwise Loukrudt has nice examples of girls / boys / neutral.

The changing sets are homemade and the production time is about 14 days if they are out of stock. It’s definitely the time worth it, because they are so nice and really good quality!
You can order the changing set kit on Loukrud’s website:

https://loukrudt.dk/  – Direct link: https://loukrudt.dk/puslesaet/

Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_1. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_2. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_3. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_4. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_5. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_6. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_7. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_8. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_9. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_10. Loukrudt_puslesæt_changingset_HelenaLundquist_11.

Copenhagen Fashion Week


CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_1_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_2_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_3_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_4_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_5_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_6_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_7_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_8_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_9_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_10_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_11_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_12_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_13_small CopenhagenFashionWeek_AW17_HelenaLundquist_14_small

Work for The Daily, Cph Fashion Week Daily Newspaper and By Malene Birger

Opening Launch / OH! x Kopenhagen Fur / Won Hundred / YDE Preview /
Social Zoo lunch and dinner / French embassy Human Rights Prize reception /
By Malene Birger show / MUF10 show / DANSK dinner / The Jewellery Room
/ Exclusive opens fashion events







 Etalycph had Yesterday selected twenty followers to taste the new menu.
It was fantastic to be a part of it, thank you so much for selecting me!
The new menu is amazing and I can’t wait to come back for dinner again.

EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_1 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_2 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_3 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_4 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_5 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_6 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_7 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_8 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_9 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_10 EatalyCph_HelenaLundquist_11

Happy New Year / Work


It’s time to look back at year 2016 for my photographic work:helenalundquist_photography2016

This summer I covered four festivals: Distortion, Roskilde Festival, Musik i Lejet and Trailerpark Festival

Roskilde Festival: I worked for GAFFA magazine, Denmark’s biggest music magazine, where I photographed a lot of vibe and MØ at Orange Stage, a large part of the photos hung inside Media City on GAFFA press wall and I’ve got 9 large photos hanging in front of the entrance to the Media city – The Backstage Village.

“Roskilde Festival” had this year used one of my photos for their Friday ticket and another photo was used in  “3 Mobile’s Crowdseach” app campaign.

Trailerpark Festival: Was my 5th year as photographer in a row, it became lots of art, vibes and 16 concerts and streetstyle for Cover Magazine. A huge thanks, love and respect to the Artrebels Family their close the magical festival after 10 years. 

It also became 5 years of photograping poplife for Cover Magazine.
I was again photographing Copenhagen Fashion Week to their daily newspaper “The Daily”.
TV2 GO’morgen Danmark showed the start of my video regarding Danish Hospital Clowns and I covered Opening Night at the US Embassy residential during Copenhagen TV festival.

Besides that I shot portraits of Linda P, Anja Cetti Andersen and Benny Andersen in articles about “My Month” in UD & SE (DSB) Magazine.
The newspaper Politiken printed three of my Instagram photos in “IBYEN” and I’ve got one print in Østerbro newspaper.

During Copenhagen Photo Festival – the exhibition “Picture The Music” my photo hung in the size 210 x 140 at Byens Hegn, three is printed in Denmark’s largest photo book “Picture the Music” and they where driving around in Copenhagen metros.
I also got invited to do a takeover for Copenhagen Photo Festival official instagram where I showed 6 of my best music photos.

My website got published and I still photoblogging – so go check it out if you wanna see or follow my work.
– I have a lot of projects there’re isn’t published yet, which I can’t wait to show you soon!

I’m looking forward to another busy and exciting 2017 beside my amazing job as webmaster at Scoop Models.

Thank you to all who follow and like my work – I’m so grateful!

#helenalundquist @helenalundquist